Preparing to Zoom!

  • Gather your instrument and accessories (rosin, shoulder rest, etc.) and your music books and a pencil.

  • Have a pair of wired headphones (not Bluetooth) handy - we may need them to help with echos that may develop.

  • Check your tuning.  

  • If you have access to a wired connection (Ethernet), you may find it gives you a smoother connection - but wifi should work well in most cases.

  • If you have a USB microphone, that's an added bonus, but not necessary.

Visual Setup

  • If possible, set up at a tall desk so that you can stand while you play.  Alternatively, find a chair with no arms and set up sitting at the front of the seat with your feet flat on the floor.

  • Position your device with the camera at eye level a couple feet in front of you.  (Prop your computer on a stack of books?)

  • Check that your body from your waist to above your head is showing on the screen.  

  • Face a window or bring some lights in front of you so that you are not backlit.

Audio Setup

  • In the bottom left of your screen, find the microphone icon and select the ^ arrow.

  •  If you are using an external microphone or headphones, check your Microphone and Speaker setting and select the devices you would like to use (I am using my Blue Microphone Spark Digital in both cases).

  • At the bottom of the menu, select Audio Settings.

  • You can test your Speaker or Microphone in this section, if need be.

  • At the bottom of this page find Advanced, and select that.

  • Your advanced options may look a bit different than mine, but start by selecting Show in-meeting option to "Enable Original Sound" from microphone.

  • If Disable echo cancellation, High fidelity music mode, or Use stereo audio are options, select them all.  If they don't all show up for you, just check as many as are available.

  • You're all set!  I'll give you more directions as needed during our lessons.