4 Part Irish Dance Tunes Online Course
  • 4 Part Irish Dance Tunes Online Course
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Welcome to my Irish Dance Tunes Online Course!

A four part mini-course designed for fiddle players and musicians, advanced beginner and up, who would like to delve into the details of how to play Irish dance tunes.

In each lesson video I will break down a tune phrase by phrase, using multiple camera angels, and explain how I think about bowing and ornamentation. I will also include a PDF with musical notation for each tune.

After you have spent a few days with each tune, I invite you to send me a recording of yourself and I will give you some personalized feedback. (Must be redeemed by February 29th, 2020.)

An ideal gift for a friend or yourself, an exciting New Year's project, and the perfect way to spend a snow day this winter!

You can join anytime: the videos will be available from January 1st - February 29th 2020.

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