Musings on Music #2

I learned a tune yesterday! 

"What," I hear you think, "don't you do that every day, or at least every week?" 

In fact, sadly, no.  I rarely take time to learn tunes for the fun of it.  What a shame! 

To be fair, I spend a lot of time reviewing tunes that I used to know, or that I want to develop my own version to perform, or that I am analyzing for teaching.  All of that is good, and I enjoy it, and it helps me make a living. 

But, the fact remains that I rarely make time to idly listen to recordings, waiting for a tune catch my ear.  And even more rarely do I take the time to sit down and learn said tune. 

For all of you out there who know this joy, you know the simple satisfaction of listening over and over until the phrases start to take shape in your head and in your fingers.  It's like an out of focus photo that starts to crystallize, or like when whipping cream suddenly becomes Whipped Cream.  I get a special feeling of magic and satisfaction every time. 

I'm still savoring yesterday's high, and am intent on continuing this practice more often.  Perhaps you'll join me! 

xo Oona 

I'm looking forward to playing three shows with Drank The Gold this weekend! 

My Online Tune Course is whipping by - but it's not too late to join if you want to see what it's all about:

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